Our Story

Holding strong roots with the land, Mark and Diane have owned and operated a number of cattle properties in Queensland, at Billa Billa, Mannuem and now on their family property at Hodgson Vale in South East Queensland.

The enterprise began with Mark’s parents Greg and Lyn and over the past 26 years they have bred Black Angus cattle and run a program for polo ponies. The passion for both has passed onto their children Macauley and Lily, who at the ripe old ages of 13 and 9, embrace the country life and see themselves more suited to farmers than city folk.

The ownership of the properties, cattle and horses has changed over time as has the family dynamic, with Greg passing away some ten years ago. The one constant that linked the properties and the herd with the family was the brand A4heart which today, serves as a reminder of Mark’s dad.

People from the land have an indelible attachment to the herds and the properties that they have worked and cared for over time, it is this love and passion that comes from the authenticity of the people, that created the idea for Silver Brand. A tangible way to celebrate the identity of the farm’s horses, herds and heritage that links families in a generational way.


The silver jewellery Di designs embodies the down to earth, family-oriented values of country life. Resembling farmer’s horse and cattle brands, the jewellery draws on this simple uniqueness of an already valued symbol and celebrates it by being worn with pride by both the men and women of the family.

Di wanted to share this idea with more families and invite them to create their own brand jewellery. It brings her much pleasure to see families sharing her designs with love and wearing them as a symbol of a happiness and connection that will last forever.

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